Any time your vehicle is in an accident, its resale value is significantly less. This loss in value is caused by a number of factors, including:

  • 17c Formula Diminished Value ClaimThe immediate and inherent loss that automatically occurs due to the fact that your vehicle has an accident history.
  • The repair-related diminished value when imitation replacement parts are used, damage is left unaddressed, or improper repair procedures are performed.

The extent of diminished value varies greatly according to these, and many other factors, and a fair evaluation cannot be made on the basis of a simple, one-size-fits-all formula.

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What is the 17c Formula?

Unfortunately, many insurance companies take unfair advantage of a court precedent to minimize the amount of diminished value they pay their policyholders. It’s known as the “17c Formula”, and it was developed as a temporary method for calculating Diminished Value in the matter of “Mabry V State Farm.” This method was only granted temporary approval for that particular case.

Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner Does Not Endorse or Support the 17c Formula

Since that case, Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner, John Oxendine, has declared that he does not endorse or support the use of this formula:

“Defining the amount of loss associated with diminution of value is a subjective process where even experts can have a difference of opinion. For this reason, the Department has not endorsed a particular formula or method. Each claim is unique and should be evaluated as such.”

Many Insurance Companies Continue to Use this Formulation

Despite this clear directive, many insurance companies continue to use this formula to calculate Diminished Value. In fact, they have been known to use the 17c formula, but call it by another name, or alter it only very slightly.

Your insurance company may even tell you they’re using a calculation “ordered” by the Georgia Supreme Court, sometimes referred to as the “Georgia Worksheet.” Referring to the 17c formula (a temporary measure, specific to a single case) is intentionally misleading.

Why do they do this? This kind of formulation allows them to pay out lower diminished value claims. 17c applies arbitrary numbers to vehicles that have been in accidents under vastly different circumstances.

How Do You Protect Yourself From the 17c Formula?

Hire a Certified Auto Appraiser to do an in-depth analysis of the loss in value to your vehicle. A Certified Appraiser will create a fair assessment, based on the circumstances in your market, specific to your make and model of vehicle, taking into consideration any repair-related damage or diminution in value that may have occurred. Your appraiser can challenge the insurer’s cookie cutter formula with documentation from an in-depth post-repair inspection, and make sure you are fairly compensated for your loss.

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