What is Diminished Value?

Diminished value is the reduction in resale value that a vehicle suffers after having required physical damage repairs. It is abbreviated as DV or referred to as a DV claim.

If you have been in an accident, you may be owed money from your insurance company as a result of the decrease in your vehicles value. Your insurance company may minimize, or even neglect to mention diminished value as a way to avoid paying the money you’re owed.

To protect your legal right to compensation for diminished value, it’s important to hire a Certified Auto Appraiser to assist you with your claim. To speak to a Certified Auto Appraiser, contact us at 687-240-0770 or email us at

3 Types of Diminished Value


Immediate diminished value is the difference in resale value of your vehicle before and immediately after an accident. Although it cannot be calculated immediately, once there is impact, there is diminished value.


After an accident, your vehicle now has a damage history. When you go to sell or trade in that vehicle, it’s automatically valued at much less than a similar vehicle without an accident history. This is referred to as inherent diminished value.

Most customers indicate they will not consider purchasing a vehicle that has been involved in an accident. Those that do consider it, expect a large discount before making the purchase. The longer the history of damage and accidents to your vehicle, the less it will be worth and the harder it will be able to sell.


Repair-related diminished value occurs when your vehicle isn’t returned to its pre-accident condition after an accident. Unfortunately, many body shops take shortcuts, leave remaining damage, or do not complete repairs according to manufacturer specification. A post-repair inspection from a certified auto appraiser can help you determine if further damage has been done during repairs, to ensure that you are fully compensated for repair-related diminished value.

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