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Any time your vehicle is in an auto accident, the resale value of your car is immediately less than it was before the accident. It’s called diminished value, and it’s the automatic loss in value that results in a collision.

Almost every vehicle that has been in a wreck will have some form of diminished value. And, especially if the accident wasn’t your fault, it’s your legal right to be fully restored to pre-accident condition.

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Why Your Insurance Company May Not Mention Your Right to Diminished Value

It has been estimated that 55% of consumers would not buy a car that had been in an accident. 81% would not have a car that had been in a wreck unless they were given a large discount. Some survey results show the stigma may be even higher. Insurance companies generally do not acknowledge the right to recover diminished value!

Insurance companies often downplay, and sometimes don’t even mention diminished value. Their initial diminished value offer will often be inadequate to fully compensating you for your loss. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a Certified Auto Appraiser to ensure they don’t minimize the amount of diminished value they pay.

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