About PAC Diminished Value

PAC Diminished Value Experts are dedicated to offering you immediate and reliable customer service whether it’s on the phone, in person, via email, or through our online ordering system.

Our company prides itself on being able to handle all of your auto appraisal needs. Feel free to call or send us an email to schedule your appraisal(s).

Our mission is to protect consumers by promoting inherent diminished value awareness, and professional auto collision diminished value appraisal standards. We accomplish our mission through public education, training seminars, certification programs, and hands-on training. Our accredited certification courses include training in:

  • Diminished Value Appraisals
  • Car Appraisal
  • Total Loss Claims
  • Loss of Use Calculator
  • Used car Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Post-Repair Inspections

If you are involved in a total loss claim and would like us to review your information, contact us at 687-240-0770 or email us at info@pacdiminished.com.

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